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Prachi Prajapati: The top contender for Maharashtra’s Best Dancer

Spin off of India’s Best Dancer, Maharashtra’s Best Dancer features some of the most dynamic performances on Sony Marathi. The show took the stage by storm and is viewed by

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DeFi & Token Companies Leverage AsiaPresswire’s Press Release Distribution in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia – Indonesia is a new battlefield for DeFi & Token giants. They leverage AsiaPresswire’s Indonesia press release distribution services to build their brand image and draw awareness of

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Meet Lily Buckman, Miss Nation 2020

Lily Buckman is the reigning Miss Nation 2020 titleholder. The 20 year old college student and aspiring model from Maryland, won the international crown on November 21st, 2020. Lily began

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Makhana: Reinvented as the millennial snack of choice

Foxnuts or Makhana, a kind of dry fruit known as the “food of gods”, has found its way to the dining tables as a fat-free organic food. Makhana processing is

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On the anniversary of the Independence Movement, a small Korean company introduces Korean traditional clothes to the world

Recently, an unusual advertisement was aired in Times Square in New York, drawing the attention of many people. A woman

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PRO Engineering and Manufacturing has released an article on “Batch and Tunnel Pasteurization for Cider/Hard Cider Production” for the Beverage Industry

Milwaukee WI, 15 February 2021 — This article is an in-depth explanation of the tunnel pasteurization and batch pasteurization for

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GLO Preemies Is Now Exploring New Avenues To Support Black NICU Families.

GLO Preemies is a 501c3 black-led nonprofit organization aiming to raise a billion dollars to support and educate 1 million

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BitFuFu Officially Endorsed by Bitmain as a Standardized Crypto Mining Platform

HONG KONG – BitFuFu, the world’s first crypto mining standardization platform, has been selected by crypto mining giant Bitmain to standardize

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Cryptocurrency Clients Promote Token and DeFi Projects with AsiaPresswire Press Release Distribution Service

Hong Kong – AsiaPresswire announces expansion of its Crypto Press Release Distribution Team (CDT) in order to help blockchain, DeFi

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BOSAGORA Unveils the T-Fi, a First Real Economy DeFi Financial Model

Seoul, Korea – BOSAGORA, a public blockchain platform, announced on February 17, 2021, the blueprint of ‘T-Fi’, a DeFi financial model

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